Medical Experts


The Dean of Hospital

Tiejun Guan,Chief Physician,CT Department

Zengke Zhe,Chief physician, Professor, Pediatric

Wanyou Lv, Associate chief physician, Internal medicine

Xin Wang, Associate chief physician, Department of surgery

Yisheng Pan, Chief Physician, Professor, Radiology Department

Lijuan Sun, Chief Physician, Ultrasonography Department

Guofeng Li, Chief physician, Orthopedic Department

Xin Long, Associate chief physician, Department of stomatology

Zhuli Ma, Chief physician, Paediatrics

Zhengnan Gao, Physician in charge, Division of Rehabilitation

Yunfeng Zhu, Chief physician, Gastroenterology Department

Hao Sun, Chief physician, Professor, Internal Medical

Min Wu, Chief Physician, Paediatrics

Wenyu Chen, Chief physician, Internal Medical

Tianhao Sun, Vice-Chief physician, Internal Medical

Xiaohua Yu, Vice-Chief physician, ENT Department

Changbo Liu, Chief physician, Internal Medical

Wenshui Zhao, Chief physician, Orthopedic Department

Yongxu Sun, Chief physician,, Surgical Department

Lihua Bai, Attending Chinese medicine doctor, Department of traditional Chinese medicine

Jiaxu Qi, Chief physician, Paediatrics

Xiufang Chen, Vice-Chief physician, Gynaecology

Kaili Fan, Physician in charge, Ophthalmology

Jingyu Shi, Chief physician (Master degree), Paediatrics

Li Wang, Chief physician (Master degree), Dermatological Department

Jinyan Liu, Chief physician, Internal medical

Bintai Zhao, Vice-Chief physician, Department of traditional Chinese medicine