JRSIS Health Care Corporation Conference was held on April 18, 2014


JRSIS Health Care Corporation today announced that the Company and Eden Hall Global Capital Company Limited have given a presentation in Shenzhen at the JRSIS Health Care Corporation Conference on April 18, 2014.


The Company also announced that more conference will be available in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province and U.S.A. To attend the conference, listeners should go to the Company’s website, www.jhcc.cn, approximately one month prior to the event to post the conference location and date. For those unable to access the website, IR contact will be available all the time, please go to the website, www.ehclglobal.com.


JRSIS Health Care Corporation, located in State of Florida, has filed S1 with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) for the offering on March 6, 2014, seeking a platform to support its long term hospital chain development goals. A preliminary prospectus dated March 6, 2014, is available at the SEC web site at: www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1597892/000114420414013680/v370774_s1.htm. JRSIS Health Care Corporation relies on subsidiary Harbin Jiarun Hospital Company Limited to conduct 100% of the businesses and operations, which is serving patients on both Western and Traditional Chinese medicines to the citizens of Harbin.


On a 3 years basis, Jiarun’s revenue has been growing at a compound rate of approximately 28.00% annually and the Hospital anticipates this trend will slow down but remains in the high double digits as long as Jiarun’s facility operates at current level of patient and services efficiency. However, accounting for the fact that the hospital is working close to its maximum capacity, this growth trend may only extend for only ears unless physical capacity of the hospital is increased. In consideration of this future growth cap, on June 5, 2013, Jiarun entered into a Lease Agreement to lease new hospital building from Harbin Baiyi Real Estate Development Co., Ltd, which is owed by the owner of Jiarun. The new medical facility is located in the heart of Harbin city that will be 26 stories high and contain over 500 open beds and 10-15 operation rooms. The hospital completed construction in November 2013, it is in the process of decoration, which anticipated to complete in 2014 Q3 the new hospital will become the largest medical facility (both private and public) in the municipality. As a full service medical facility, JRSIS Health Care Corporation provides a wide range of medical services that is listed below in their general category: Pediatrics, Dermatology, ENT, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Ophthalmology, Internal Medicine Dentistry, General Surgery, Rehabilitation Science, Gynecology, General Medical Services, etc. For more information on JRSIS, please visit our company website at: www.jhcc.cn.