Jiarun Hospital and its Medical Team to Aid Hubei Won the Honorary Titles


Jiarun Hospital and its Medical Team to Aid Hubei Won the Honorary Titles of Advanced Collective and Advanced Individual for Aiding Hubei to Fight against COVID-19

Harbin Jiarun Hospital

The struggle that shakes history will inevitably leave a chapter that shakes history.

In 2020, a sudden outbreak of COVID-19 broke out in the land of China. In the face of a sudden and severe epidemic, a vast number of medical workers went for a battle in white, sacrificed them to save other people’s lives, and built a steel wall to stop the virus with their flesh and blood. They saved one after another dying life, and interpreted the benevolence of doctors and love without border!

In order to promote the righteousness, commend the advanced, and encourage social medical institutions in making important contributions to the fight against COVID-19, on September 27, the Heilongjiang Provincial Private Medical Institutions Association held the province’s "Private Hospital Management Year" activity and the Commendation Conference on Fighting against COVID-19. Zhao Yuhui, a second-level investigator of the Medical Administration and Medical Management Division of Health Commission of Heilongjiang Province, Dong Xiaodong, the president of the Provincial Private Medical Institutions Association, Jiang Xiangchun, the vice president, and Zhang Junsheng, the vice president and chairman of Harbin Jiarun Hospital, attended the conference and presented awards to the advanced collectives and advanced individuals who won the honorary titles.

At the conference, Harbin Jiarun Hospital was awarded as an advanced collective to aid Hubei in the fight against COVID-19, Zhang Shujuan and other 9 people were awarded as advanced individuals in the fight against COVID-19 in Hubei, and 25 people including Zhang Junsheng were awarded as advanced individuals in the province's social hospitals against COVID-19 and other honorary titles. 

One day I'll skim the waves, blown by the wind,

With sails hoisted high, across the vast ocean.

--Harbin Jiarun Hospital's Battle against the Epidemic

In 2020, COVID-19 raided the land of Hubei and spread to the whole country. As the largest private hospital in Heilongjiang Province, all medical workers in Harbin Jiarun Hospital were united, facing difficulties and fighting on the front line of epidemic prevention and control. It sent the first medical team from private hospitals in the province to aid Hubei, sounded the clarion call to charge the main battlefield, demonstrated the strength of Jiarun in the fight against the epidemic and wrote a magnificent "anti-epidemic answer sheet" with practical actions.

1 Scientific deployment guards the rear

At the moment of the epidemic, the responsibility was even more obvious.

After the outbreak of COVID-19, Harbin Jiarun Hospital made the prevention and control of the epidemic a top priority. Chairman Zhang Junsheng personally directed and deployed, and organized several special meetings to deploy epidemic prevention and control. The whole hospital was mobilized and scientifically arranged to form a work pattern of joint mobilization, full participation, and strict prevention and control.

The hospital leadership team played a hard core role, bravely became the standard bearer and dared to be a benchmark. On the second day of the Chinese New Year, the main leaders of various departments and administrative offices of the hospital cancelled the Spring Festival holiday, returned to work as soon as possible, and devoted themselves to the fight against the epidemic. The hospital quickly launched the emergency plan, established the epidemic prevention and control leading group as soon as possible, and established complete epidemic prevention and control, information submission, coordination and communication, work plan, investigation and early warning systems; from the spirit of thematic meetings, the communication and implementation of higher-level instructions, to the formulation and implementation of various prevention and control technical plans, implementation procedures, and emergency plans; from site adjustment, post setting, to material deployment, personnel protection, etc., various plans have been scientific and detailed, key investigations and rectifications on related weak links have been carried out, and a densely gridded "prevention and control network" has been solidified to guard the rear of the inpatient area for prevention and control to truly achieve full coverage without omissions.

2 Soldiers in white went out to battle against the wind

Hubei was in an emergency! Wuhan was in an emergency!

On February 6, under the active organization and scientific coordination of Chairman Zhang Junsheng, Jiarun Hospital issued a proposal to the whole hospital, and the medical workers of the whole hospital responded to the proposal, and actively requested and signed up for the fight against the epidemic. On February 10, 10 outstanding backbone members were carefully selected from the medical workers who took the initiative to form the Jiarun Hospital medical team to aid Hubei. On February 12, the Jiarun Hospital medical team to aid Hubei followed the third batch of medical teams to aid Hubei from Heilongjiang Province to go out to battle.

Time is peaceful, only because someone is carrying a heavy load; Stability, like Mount Tai, originates from the original mission.

From the snowy winter to the warm spring, from the Hulan River to the Hanshui River, 10 retrograde soldiers in white rushed for thousands of miles to arrive in Wuhan on the starry night, then Xiaogan and then Hanchuan. Over 38 days and nights, a total of more than 320 patients were treated, achieving “zero infection” among medical workers and “zero errors” in treatment.

Zhang Shujuan, leader of the medical team of Jiarun Hospital to aid Hubei, went to Hubei Province to fight with the epidemic. Afraid that her 70-year-old parents would worry, she had been keeping it from them by saying she had to live in the hospital due to the outbreak. Three days after she arrived in Xiaogan, her husband told her parents the truth. In the battle in Xiaogan, in order to save a protective suit, she dared not drink water for eight hours or go to the toilet. In order to save lives, she faced the difficulty and went to the front line fearlessly.

Wei Fenglan, a chief physician of Intensive Care Unit in her 60s, is the oldest member of the third medical team from Heilongjiang Province to aid Hubei. In spite of her age, she was concerned about the country and had asked to go to the front line several times.

Guo Linquan is an attending physician in the Department of Respiratory Medicine. His son was less than six months old, and his old father was ill abed. Faced with the outbreak, he gave up his family for the country, going to Hubei fight in the anti-epidemic line in Xiaogan without hesitation.

Yuan Mei, the head nurse of the Department of Respiratory Medicine, had a lasting fever after she went to Xiaogan, and resolutely wrote a letter for her children with tears.

Wang Xiumin is the head nurse of the Second Department of Cardiology. Her father was suffering from severe illness, but he had been hiding it from her, worrying that she would be distracted in the front line.

Meng Xiangyu is the head nurse of the First Department of Cardiology. She is only 23 this year, but she has a great love in her heart. After bidding farewell to her family, she went to the battlefield with great courage in her war robe.

No one was born to be brave, but can only choose to be brave. Those written requests for battle with bright red handprint, those deep marks left by masks and those figures taking care of the patients all night are the best interpretation of the benevolence of doctors in Jiarun Hospital.

3. Logistical support ahead

Proper preparations should be made in advance. The imported protective suits, N95 masks, protective gloves, adult diapers and down jackets were all taken away by the front line soldiers. Common medicines and daily necessities worth nearly 100,000 yuan were all available to ease the supply burden for the front line.

There are “countermarching people” in the front, and “guarantors” in the rear. Chairman Zhang Junsheng entrusted the hospital labor union to visit the families of the team members for many times, sending them rice, flour, oil, meat, vegetables and other life supplies. The labor union of Harbin Jiarun Hospital organized the establishment of WeChat service group for the families of the team members aiding Hubei, listened to and solved their needs in a timely manner, and actively solicited opinions from them. The hospital appointed special personnel to take charge of specific matters. As soon as the warrior’s families made requests or calls for household chores, Jiarun Hospital workers immediately coordinated and solves them. Don’t put off till tomorrow what should be done today. A supervisory feedback mechanism was established for the chairman of Jiarun Group and the chairman of the labor union to listen to situation reports regularly or irregularly.

4. Accomplish the mission with honors

With white coat as the amour, they traveled far into Hubei, and returned loaded with glory and victory.

At about 3:55 p.m. on March 21, Flight CZ5270 of China Southern Airlines arrived at Harbin Taiping International Airport. The medical team of Harbin Jiarun Hospital to aid Xiaogan went down the gangway, returning safely and triumphantly.

The medical team of Harbin Jiarun Hospital to aid Hubei risked their lives to fight against the “epidemic” and won arduous battles against the “epidemic” in which they protected lives with their own lives life one after another, and handed over a condensed transcript of sweat--

On March 19, the China Association of Non-public Medical Institutions issued a circular praising the medical teams of China to aid Hubei, in which chairman Zhang Junsheng and 10 members of the medical team were praised.

On March 21, Hubei Xiaogan Municipal Committee and Government awarded the honorary title of “caring team” to Harbin Jiarun Hospital, honorary title of “May 1st Labor Medal” to Zhang Shujuan, honorary title of “excellent Party member” to Zhang Huaisen, honorary title of “woman pace-setter” to Wei Fenglan and Yuan Mei, and honorary title of “advanced worker” to Dong Ying, Meng Xiangyu, Wang Xiumin, Wang Lina, Guo Linquan and Yuan Chunmei.

Hand in hand, we can go through the winter. With hope, we will usher in the spring.

In this war without smoke, Harbin Jiarun Hospital did not change the initial heart and moved forward with determination. The COVID-19 prevention and control is a long-term war. The more to the critical moment, the more we can’t relax. Jiarun staff will proceed cautiously as before...