Fight in harm’s way with the original intention


Fight in harm’s way with the original intention- JRSS supported Hubei Province to fight against COVID-19 at the fastest speed& Hulan’s full anti-epidemic documentaryPress Release | 01/28/2021

This was a thrilling war against the epidemic that will be recorded in history forever. This was a heroic feat of angels in white to fight in harms way.

From the land of Jingchu to the river bank of Hulan River, from the battle of fighting against COVID-19 in Hubei to the battle of protecting Hulan from the epidemic, from the commando fighting against the epidemic to the support of nucleic acid collection in Hulan, Harbin Jiarun Hospital, which was established in the land of Heilongjiang, sent the first medical team of private hospitals in the whole province to support Hubei to fight against the epidemic, especially in Xiaogan and protect Hulan, demonstrating Jiaruns strength in the battle of fighting against the epidemic with practical actions.

This is Jiaruns strength, the more dangerous it is, the more it moves forwardSupport Hubei at the fastest speed from thousands of miles away, demonstrate the soul of the doctor

The epidemic situation gave an order to us!

In the Spring Festival of 2020, a battle of containing COVID-19 was launched in Hubei Province.

Where there is need, there are brave staff of Jiarun

On February 6, Chairman Zhang Junsheng issued a proposal to the hospital, and all the medical staff responded one after another, volunteered for participation, enthusiastically signed up, and wrote a petition for fighting against the epidemic one after another.

On February 12, according to the unified deployment of the Provincial Health Commission, as the third batch of medical aid teams in Heilongjiang Province, the medical aid team from Jiarun Hospital went out to fight as fast as it could, dressed in white and went to Hubei for providing support from thousands of miles away.

All the angels in white went to fight in harms way, and Jiarun staff rushed to the forefront.

This was the battlefield. They fought day and night in the name of medical workers.

This was the front line. They gathered the new strength to fight against the epidemic in Hubei.

This was a battle to protect life with life, and action was their best answer.

To stick to it silently and dedicate without regret, this is what heroes are like.

People will never forget that the team leader Zhang Shujuan, dressed in white, regardless of her own life safety, concealed the fact from her parents and fought at the forefront of fighting against the epidemic, and faced the risk of infection. She never stopped.

People will never forget that Director Zhang Huaisen, who is concerned about patients, rushed to provide support in an emergency in time of the outbreak of the epidemic, losing no time in containing the virus and fighting at the most dangerous place day and night.

People will never forget Dr. Guo Linquan, who stood his ground at the risk of death. His son is less than six months old, and his old father is sick in bed. He gave up taking care of his family and worked day and night for everyone, holding up the hope of patients recovery to health.

The battle against the epidemic is destined to be written into history.

In this unprecedented action, the medical aid team of Jiarun Hospital, together with the medical team members from all over the country, raced against time, competed with the disease, played a magnificent note of the great battle against the epidemic and won the battle for epidemic containment in Hubei.

Applause and recognition were awarded.

Jiarun Hospital has been successively awarded the honorary titles such as Loving Team, Advanced Group and Individual in Supporting Hubei Province in Fighting against COVID-19, Advanced Group in Heilongjiang Province in Fighting against COVID-19, etc.

At the critical moment of life and death, it is the most respectable group of people who saved peoples lives regardless of their own safety. Lets pay homage to the loveliest people in the new era.

This is the spirit of Jiarun that never forgets the original intention and dares to take responsibilityFight in harms way with surging strength

In the severe winter, Hulan in Heilongjiang Province was covered with snow and the wind was biting.

On the occasion of the Chinese lunar New Year in 2021, the sudden outbreak of the epidemic made the normal operation of the northeast city stopped.

The implementation of all-people nucleic acid testing was the key measure to find out the spread of the virus. Hulan District decided to conduct the nucleic acid testing for the first time, involving hundreds of thousands of people. The task was heavy within limited time.

In the battle against the epidemic, there was no room for even the slightest slackness.

On the evening of January 17, Jiarun Hospital was brightly lit. After receiving the task of supporting nucleic acid collection in Hulan District, Chairman Zhang Junsheng attached great importance to it, made rapid deployment and emergency mobilization, and immediately blew the call of assembly to fight against the epidemic.

At the critical moment, on January 18, a 100-person nucleic acid collection team of Jiarun Hospital went into battle, and a nucleic acid testing against the clock was launched rapidly.

Our hometown is in trouble, and we must dedicate ourselves unconditionally!

This is the sonorous oath made by Chairman Zhang Junsheng. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Chairman Zhang Junsheng has personally directed and deployed the operations, shouldered the political responsibility of epidemic containment with the benevolence of doctors, working day and night at the forefront of epidemic containment.

With great love in mind, we fought in harms way. The pictures of emergency rescue were unfolded along the Hulan River

From early morning to late at night, from nucleic acid testing to surface disinfection, the epidemic situation was urgent, there was no time to delay in every task.

In Hulan No.1 High School, in Xingfu Primary School, in West Ring Shopping Mall, at the cold storage of Zhengda Food, in the hotels for isolation, more than 100 angels in white in Jiarun Hospital went to the front line and took risks in conducting nucleic acid collection and surface disinfection day and night, building an iron wall against the epidemic in the severe cold.

It is exactly the selfless dedication again and again, writing the fact that doctors of Jiarun assume the responsibility without regret

Although some of them were extremely exhausted from continuous work, none of them hesitated or flinched. They all clenched their teeth and stuck to their posts in danger.

Some of them immediately returned to their posts just after a short rest in spite of overwork, sticking to the front line, and never falling back.

Staff of Jiarun are those who step forward bravely even knowing the danger ahead.

This is the character of Jiarun to stay firm and tenacious in spite of numerous sufferingsFight at the forefront, just for the safety of the country and its people

Only after experiencing hardships, ups and downs, can a persons character of being brave and resolute be shown; Only through the difficult and tough grinding, can a piece of jade show brilliant beauty.

East Bajia Village, Changling Sub-district, was a high risk area of the epidemic in Hulan. On January 21, the temperature was 26 degrees below zero. Sheng Huirong, Director of the Infection and Control Department of Jiarun Hospital, led the team in the night and rushed to East Bajia Village as soon as possible. They walked for six hours outdoors, fearless of the cold, and went door-to-door, successfully completing the task of collecting thousands of nucleic acid samples.

Clench the teeth and stick to it. The victory will finally belong to us!"

No food, no water, no toilet The angels in white from Jiarun, wearing protective clothing and goggles, with solid basic skills and careful cooperation, actually conducted the nucleic acid testing against the epidemic.

From the epidemic isolation point, to the nucleic acid collection point, and even every corner of the urban and rural communities, the angels in white from Jiarun rushed to the front line day and night, completed the collection of 20,000 nucleic acid samples and 3,000 surface samples, and raced against time in fighting against the epidemic.

This is a landmark highlight

On January 23, 2021, Lei Haichao, Deputy Director of the National Health Commission and Head of the working group of the comprehensive group of joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council to Heilongjiang, Sun Dongsheng, Vice Governor of Heilongjiang Province, and Sun Zhe, mayor of Harbin City, went to Harbin Jiarun Hospital for supervision and inspection. On behalf of Vice Premier Sun Chunlan, they expressed greetings and full recognition to the medical workers working at the forefront of epidemic containment.

To shoulder the responsibilities at the critical moment, this is a vivid manifestation of Jiaruns strength and spirit.

They keep the original intention and take the mission. With selflessness and fearlessness, they safeguarded the safety of the country and its people. Their awe-inspiring righteousness, boundless love and great spirit will shine brightly and inspire us to move forward.

They are real heroes! They are the spiritual coordinates of the new era. Their achievements will always be engraved on the monument of history!

Its hard to get the beauty in spring, while its sunny after the floating clouds.

With extraordinary action and great responsibility, Jiarun Hospital, which has consolidated its mighty strength in fighting against the epidemic and written an immortal chapter in fighting against the epidemic, will also create new and greater brilliance on the way forward!