As a full service medical facility, JRSS Hospital provides a wide range of medical services that is listed below in their general category: Pediatrics, Dermatology, ENT,  Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Ophthalmology, Internal Medicine Dentistry, General Surgery, Rehabilitation Science, Gynecology, General Medical Services, etc.

Medicine: we invites professors with thirty years of clinical experience distinguished in medicine and surgery to visit patients on daily basis, specializes in cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes and other medical diseases.

Surgery: Whole day visit to patients by experienced surgeon, specialize in acute appendicitis, prostate, hemorrhoids, stomach and duodenum, liver and spleen trauma and other surgical repair. 

Gynecology: invite professor of obstetrics and gynecology from senior hospital for visits to patients throughout the day; specialize in variety of surgical gynecology, family planning, diagnosis and treatment of frequently-occurring disease.

Pediatrics: the hospital specialty , invited experts having higher attainments on  frequently-occurring disease of children, common and incurable diseases from Children's Hospital of Harbin for whole-day visits. Offer dedicated healthcare to children.

Eye: Invite distinguished ophthalmologist from renowned hospital for day visits, specialize in diagnosis and surgical treatment of eye disease, offering unique insights and consultancy to diagnosis and treatment of ocular disease.

Gastroscopy Branch: The director of gastroscopy department graduated from Hospital of Harbin Medical University, engages in endoscopic diagnosis and treatment experts in more than 40 years, a former member of Heilongjiang Medical Association Professional Committee of the endoscope, the Provincial Committee of Medical Oncology, participated in many international and domestic academic conferences, and published more than thirty articles, the provincial well-known experts in endoscope, specializes in endoscopy (gastroscopy) diagnosis and treatment. Our hospital has carried out gastrolith endoscopic therapy, endoscopic treatment of gastrointestinal polyps.

ENT(ear, nose and throat) department: a doctor with 30 years of ENT experience, continued advanced studies in major hospitals, has deep attainments and conduct clinical consultancy in frequently-occurring diseases, common diseases, incurable disease and carried out nasal polyps, tonsillectomy, such as surgery on the frontal sinus.

Dentistry: We hired senior experts specialize in designing aesthetic restoration of teeth, root reserves and repair, diagnosis and treatment of complete dentures, dental cosmetic filling and repair a variety of dental, periodontal disease , child oral health care, removal of impacted teeth and periodontal surgery, maxillofacial cosmetic suture technique.

Department of Rehabilitation: We hired experts with 20 years experience in acupuncture and massage and clinical practice from Heilongjiang Chinese Medicine University graduate, specialize in diagnosis and treatment of cervical and lumbar, cervical vertigo, lumbar disc herniation, shoulder disease, facial paralysis, facial spasm, trigeminal neuralgia, migraine, treatment of heel pain, hemiplegia, numbness, etc..

Orthopedics: We invite senior professional for day hospital visits to patients, specialize in a variety of fractures, treatment of various bone disease, lumbar disc herniation with spinal stenosis surgery, and treatment of bone and joint diseases, as well as joint replacement surgery

Dermatology: The hospital invited archiater having 20 years of experience for visits, specialize in: common skin disease, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, urticaria, warts, purpura, skin vasculitis diseases.

Traditional Chinese Medicine: thirty years of experienced experts in Chinese medicine for visits throughout the day, specialize in medical, surgical, gynecological diseases treatment.