About JRSS


Jrsis Health Care Corporation (JRSS), a health care corporation, which was established in Florida (“JHCC” or the “Company”). The main operating subsidiaries of JHCC, include Harbin Jiarun Hospital and two branches, which are a comprehensive private hospital group that provides patients with medical services, such as, hospitalization, outpatient, emergency, and examination services.

Harbin Jiarun Hospital is a private general hospital, located by Hulan River side in Hulan district, Harbin City, Heilongjiang, China. In December, 2014 the new hospital building can be put into use, which is decorated in hotel-style and introduces advanced business philosophy by providing the best medical conditions, new medical service with comparably lower price. Jiarun Hospital is dedicated in offering both western medical services and china traditional treatment for patients since the ever beginning. Currently, the existing medical building has 26 floors, general area covers over 24,000 square meters, equipped with more than 650 beds and provides inpatient, outpatient, emergency, examination and other medical services. Employees amounts up to 423 .

We provide comprehensive medical service and establish departments as per actual requirements including medicine, surgery, orthopedics, pediatrics, gynecology , dentistry, ENT, ophthalmology, medicine , dermatology , rehabilitation and physiotherapy , Integrated Medicine , Laboratory Medicine , emergency department, gastroscopy and 24 hours emergency service. We invite a large number of professional doctors and doctors with years of extensive clinical experience from provincial hospitals, City Hospital, Children's Hospital and other respective hospitals for day visits. Additionally we import advanced hospital equipment, incl. a U.S. company GE CT, Siemens DRX -ray machines , large Beckman automatic biochemical analyzer , Japanese production of electronic gastroscopy , allergens analyzer (exclusive ) , Philip knife treatment of gynecological instrument (exclusive ) , GE sophisticated equipment and high color ultrasound equipment in strict accordance with World Health Organization standards to regulate the inspection and system operation.

Harbin Jiarun hospital focuses on patient-centered philosophy, patient satisfaction as service standards. All medical personnel specialize in medical technology with high professional ethics for offering quality service, warm healthcare environment, low prices, and dedication to our patients. Currently, the newly –developed ambulance is imported to arrange shuttle for free.