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The following is Conventional physical examination JRSS provide

Examination item

Examination details

Routine inspection

Blood pressure,height,weight,general   health condition


Heart, lung, liver, gall bladder, spleen,   kidney, intestine, nervous system


Skin, superficial lymph nodes, thyroid,   spine, limbs, joints


Vision, color vision, inspection, Trachoma,   conjunctivitis, eyelid gland lesions validation checks


Lips, oral mucosa, teeth, gums, jaw joint   function


Otitis media, rhinitis, nasal polyps,   tonsillitis disease

Blood test

Blood type

Blood analysis

Infection, anemia, a blood clotting,   bleeding disorders


Urinary system diseases, diabetes, acute   and chronic kidney disease, liver and biliary tract disease

Liver inspection (7 items)

Liver disease, the extent of damage to the   liver, the prognosis judgment

Blood Lipid inspection (4 items)

Metabolic system testing, fatty liver,   arteriosclerosis, diabetes,        lesion detection

GLU fasting blood-glucose

Check the glycemic index to determine the   diagnosis of diabetes

Renal function/blood uric acid

The degree of renal disease, glomerular   filtration function

Myocardial           enzyme

Myocardial function (with or without   myocarditis, myocardial infarction)

Serum   ion

Potassium, sodium, chloride, calcium   analysis

Hepatitis B 

Hepatic pathological, Hepatitis B immune   function, judgment and therapy


thrombogenesis and analysis

Chest Fluoroscopy

cardiac index,arcus   aortae condition, lungs,bronchia,costophrenic angle disease


cardiovascular efficiency

Transcranall         Doppler TCD

arteriosclerosis,hypertension   inspection

Abdominal  doppler ultrasound

Liver,gallbladder,spleen   conditions, existing space occupying lesion

Urogenital system doppler ultrasound

both kidneys,ureter,urocyst,prostate,adnexa  uteri inspection

Gynaecology and  obstetrics

gynecological examination,mammary   glandcolor Doppler ultrasound

Cerebral CT

cerebral hemorrhage,cerebral   infarction,cerebrovascular   disease,existing   space occupying lesion