The name, gender and position of each of our directors and executive officers as of December 31, 2013 are as follows:


Mr. Junsheng Zhang is our President and Director. Mr. Zhang is one of the founders of JR Hospital. Founder of JR Hospital and JR Medical

  • Former General Manager of Dongtai Medical Ltd

  • Bachelor Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • EMBA degree from Peking University

  • More than 30 years working experience in China medical services industry.

  • Owning one full services hospital, one medical whole sell company and a few medicine retail shops.


Ms. Lihua Sun is our Chief Executive Officer and Director. Ms. Sun is one of the cofounder of Jiarun Hospital and has many years in the healthcare industry. She has been the former General Manager of Ankang Medicine in Hulan district and a Director of Heilongjiang Dahua Medicine Co., Ltd.


Miss. Xuewei Zhang is our Chief Financial Officer and Director. 

  • Bachelor degree from university of Exeter

  • Worked as finance manager of JR hospital since 2009

  • Promote to CFO position since January 2012


Julia is our Director. 

  • Seven years overseas working and study experiences.

  • Master of Banking and Bachelor degree in accounting,

  • Three years international accounting firm senior position

  • Multiple years in the investment banking industry


Miss. Suya Li is our Chief Operating Officer

On September 3, 2018, the Registrant's Board of Directors elected Suya Li to serve as the Registrant's Chief Operating Officer. Suya Li. Ms. Li has been employed in the administration of the Registrant's subsidiary, Harbin Jiarun Hospital Co., Ltd., since 2016. From 2012 until 2016, Ms. Li was employed as Chief Operating Officer of Heilongjiang Victoria Maternity Hospital. From 2001 until 2011, she was employed as Branch Secretary by the Harbin City Health Supervision Institute. Ms. LI graduated in 2001 from the Harbin Medical University with a Bachelor's Degree. She is 61 years old. Ms. Li has no familial relationship with any member of the Registrant's Board.