Enterprise Culture


JRSIS is pleased to be able to offer you an intercultural working area here at JRSIS Health Care Corporation. Especially in these times of globalization, JRSIS consider the knowledge and skills of our employees of different ethnic and religious backgrounds from different hospitals to be a clear competitive advantage. 

Advantages include: 

1.Special sensitivity to the needs of our patients worldwide due to the cultural interaction of our employees 

2.Fast and efficient problem solving as a result of the unique skills and talents of our employees 

3.Employees are highly innovative with clever and bright ideas for future medicines and services

Therefore, JRSIS want to maintain and continue to expand the cultural diversity of our company and would be proud if you would like to contribute to this effort.


Quality care to our community

Company Mission

Making People Healthier

Company Values

JRSIS would proud every hospital to be a place where:

JRSIS was founded with five core guiding principles. These principles provide guideline for our actions and decision making.

1.Providing high quality patient care

2.Providing physician support

3.Providing and establishing perfect workplaces for our employees

4.Strengthening the hospitals’ role in their communities

5.Ensuring fiscal responsibility