JRSIS Health Care Corporation is serving patients on a municipal and county level and providing both Western and Chinese medical practices to the citizens of Harbin.

Our vision is to develop a comprehensive healthcare services based upon the Company’s current business model, offering healthcare services in the medicine and patient markets in second tier cities throughout China.


Services Overview

JRSIS Health Care Corporation provide a wide range medical services that match the capabilities and efficiency of a Class 3 hospital (note: difference in Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3 hospitals are primarily determined by the number of open beds and number physicians station) By recruiting the best local medical personnel in Harbin while equipping them with the latest medical equipment, the hospital is ranked as one of the top most recognized and respected medical facilities in Harbin.

As a full service medical facility, JRSIS Health Care Corporation provides a wide range of medical services that is listed below in their general category:

Pediatrics, Dermatology, ENT, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Ophthalmology, Internal Medicine Dentistry, General Surgery, Rehabilitation Science, Gynecology, General Medical Services, etc.

JRSIS Health Care Corporation is also equipped with 4 ambulances that are ready at any given moment for emergency services on a 24 hours basis.

The Company provides services to both patients covered by social insurance and patients who are not covered by social insurance. The Company charges the same rates for patient services regardless of the coverage by social insurance.