Chairman's Statement


Dear Valued Patients, Collaboration Partners, Colleagues and Friends,

For more than eight years, JRSIS Health Care Corporation takes pride in providing high-quality medical services to our patients in a cost-effective and efficient way. Through the support of our patients and partners, we have been able to achieve solid growth in our nationwide business. As a holding company, JRSIS Health Care Corporation relies on Jiarun Hospital to conduct 100% of the businesses and operations. For the year end December 31, 2012, we have generated revenues of $3,481,100, with assets of $1,614,754 as of December 31, 2012, and we have generated net income of $1,145,094. For the year end of December 31, 2013, we have generated revenues of $4,351,236, with assets of $18,519,798, and we have generated net income of $1,322,692. 

On a three years basis, JRSIS’s revenue has been growing at a compound rate of approximately 28.00% annually and the Hospital anticipates this trend will remains in the high double digits as long as JRSIS’s facility operates at current level of patient and services efficiency. However, accounting for the fact that the hospital is working close to its maximum capacity, this growth trend may only extend for only 2 years unless physical capacity of the hospital is increased. In consideration of this future growth cap, the management of JRSIS is building a new medical facility in the heart of Harbin city that will be 26 storeys high and contain over 500 open beds and 10-15 operation rooms. The hospital completed construction in November 2013, it is in the process of decoration, which anticipated to complete in 2014 Q3, and the new hospital will become the largest medical facility (both private and public) in the municipality. On behalf of all JRSIS employees, I want to thank you for your continued trust and support.

Based on USA capital platform and China looks for boost its healthcare industry, we have plans to acquire similar sized hospitals in second tier cities throughout China. With more than 30 years working and business experience in health and medical services industry, management believes that we have strong opportunities to acquire other similar and/or smaller size hospitals in second tier cities throughout China.Under the premise of China's favorable policies, contribute to the cause for the health care, while maximizing the interests of shareholders.

I say that the business had undergone “significant expansion” over the past year. “With the expansion initiatives largely implemented, management put in place a comprehensive strategy and plan focusing on key business initiatives which provide a strong platform for growth and the further development of our business”.

Our vision is to enable any patient through JRSIS obtain new medicines more efficiently and cost effectively, and making people healthier. 

Our purpose is the same one as we had when I began our work: improving patient lives. We do this through medical services. But we do it, as well, by being a premier employer, a good neighbor, a responsible citizen and improve country employment rate, consequently, a superior investment. We’re committed to keep serving these values, and the people who depend on us, for the next 8 years.


Mr. Junsheng Zhang

Chairman and Director